Sinus Infection Natural Remedies That Really Help

We don’t have sinus infections too often in my home, but occasionally a cold gets worse and does become a sinus infection. This especially happens when either the cold is ignored or the cold symptoms are suppressed. Recently, my husband […]

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Eeeek… Is That a Worm? (Natural Remedies for Ringworm)

When my young adult daughter arrived home after a modeling job in the Caribbean, she was concerned about a strange, circular sore growing on her forehead and asked Dr. Mom what I thought of the growing blemish. Immediately I recognized […]

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How I Successfully Used a Natural Remedy for Sinus Infection With My Son

For the first 41 years of my life I never really paid much attention to the sinuses or what they actually were. I just knew they were somehow connected to the nasal region. That was, until the day that my […]

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Natural Cure for Bronchitis – The Case of My Mother

I come to this topic armed with what it feels like to have experienced it. Having been struck by it some 20 years ago, it is still imprinted on my memory. I thought I was dying. Rather, to be precise, […]

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Battling Microscopic Bugs – Natural Remedies for Infection

When I was a brand new mom eons ago, I bravely brought my 9-month old daughter shopping. While trying on items in a changing room, I noticed her chewing something. Upon reaching into her mouth to retrieve it, I pulled […]

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