Migraine Natural Remedies That Can Banish the Pain for Good!

About two years ago, I started getting nasty headaches. I had gotten headaches before, but they were usually associated with food poisoning or the flu. These were different. I usually felt a little dizzy and my vision got slightly blurry, […]

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The Most Natural Cure for Headache – Hydration!

I don’t do headaches with good grace. If I get one, I want it gone and NOW. I can’t wait it out, so I would be extremely tempted to reach for the generic numbing pill. However, I don’t want that […]

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Herbs for Headaches to Use as Tea

Headaches are one of those things that nearly everyone gets, but nobody wants. They come in many different forms and affect people in numerous different ways. Given that every headache and person that they affect are different, there is no […]

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