My first thought was, “I’m dying of cancer!” after I awoke to find my body covered with red blotches, out of nowhere! I wasn’t a sickly individual. My only childhood malady was poison ivy allergies. So, at the impressionable age of 18, I was alarmed by this sudden stealth attack on my flesh.

Immediately I consulted a doctor, who took one look at me and referred me to a dermatologist. “Cancer of the skin?” I wondered. Ultraviolet overexposure skin cancers weren’t even on the radar yet, in that era.

Dr. Skin dismissed my cancer concerns. The news wasn’t as bad as I’d feared – merely psoriasis. How bad could it be …

Have you ever bathed in tar? Dermatologists prescribed tar baths for psoriasis in the 1970s. You added liquid goo to bathwater and soaked, up to your neck, in blackish water that left your skin covered in a sticky film. Try cleaning THAT ring out of the tub every day!

Tar baths were ineffective 40 years ago. A new and improved version is available today, and it still doesn’t work.

After tar baths failed to cure my spotted self, Dr. Skin prescribed an ointment for me to rub individually on each blotch – almost a full time job! The ointment eased the itch but was useless in healing skin, a monumental dilemma since summer swim season was approaching. I didn’t wear a swimsuit that summer, or the next. I resembled a leper.

Two years into living with hideous skin, quite by accident I discovered the cure, not long after overhearing a discussion about vitamins. A friend was lauding the health benefits of a 4-product combo, manufactured by a reputable nutrition company, all for only $10 monthly. “Feel better in 30 days, or your money back!” was the company’s promise to anyone who would commit to taking a multi-vitamin, a protein shake, detox tablets and alfalfa. I earned decent pay @ $5 hourly, but there was no way I’d consider throwing away two hours pay every month on vitamins. My friend had lost her marbles. (More on that momentarily.)

Remember, there’s still no cure for psoriasis in western medicine. Today, in addition to tar creams and steroid ointments, Big Pharma promotes ‘systemic treatment’ drugs, used in combination with phototherapy (light). Some have extremely dangerous side effects. All are outrageously expensive. None will cure you. They alleviate symptoms, so you can function fairly normally while your disease progresses.

But I mentioned that I did find a solution. I didn’t just treat my symptoms … I cured my psoriasis. Say what? A cure? Impossible! A fluke!

No, missing marbles get the credit! A few months later, several acquaintances marveled at how good they felt after using the nutrition combo our mutual friend promoted. Some boasted nicer hair and stronger nails, so I inquired. I too wanted nice nails in 30 days. Despite doubts, I bought three of four products and partook faithfully. (I would not be persuaded to eat alfalfa.)

Within the month I noticed a definite difference too, but nails and hair were suddenly irrelevant. My spots were clearing up!! Genius level IQ wasn’t essential to understanding that something in the vitamin combo was actually improving my skin!

So I began reading everything I could find about nutrition and illness, and learned volumes about psoriasis in the process – about how I’d actually caused it myself, and how I’d stumbled onto the cure.

Curing psoriasis involved a radical shift in thinking that eventually led me to question any protocol touted by western trained doctors. I kick-started my brain and did my own research. The result was simultaneously mind boggling and ridiculously simple.

My doctor had failed to educate me about causes of psoriasis. Why? Because he had no interest in curing me. Curing my illness abruptly ended treatment dollars. When I finally understood what caused it, I had the groundwork for curing it.

I found a natural treatment for psoriasis

My research made me aware that only two primary causes exist for the majority of diseases – malnutrition and toxin exposure. In researching the cause, I learned that refined sugar dramatically depletes the body of Vitamin B. And B-complex vitamins are crucial to healthy skin. It dawned immediately that I was to blame … I was a chocolate bar junkie. I’d buy five assorted bars and inhale two or three at once, several times a week. I’d robbed my body of every last trace of B vitamins, and my skin screamed for mercy.

My Snickers feasts ceased, and I bought B-complex in addition to the three products I was already ingesting. In four decades since my discovery, I’ve never had a single outbreak of psoriasis. Not one. It was that simple.

Today, white sugar is the main ingredient in processed foods. Today hundreds more toxins poison our environment and food supply. Today North Americans are sicker than ever. We’re seeing more severe cases of psoriasis today than forty years ago. But the cure hasn’t changed. It’s still simple. Detoxify, and permanently reverse malnutrition.

Consumers have no clue what havoc poor diet and toxins can wreak, because we believe doctors when they say diet has no effect on illness. We’re that naïve. Pharmaceutical ads continually brainwash us, “Ask your doctor.”

I have a better idea. Do your own research. Learn what makes you tick. Listen to your body. Discover natural remedies. And DON’T ask your doctor!

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