Some 60-90% of us carry the “herpes simplex” virus, but once you have picked it up, most probably in childhood, it can lie dormant for years. The problem is, as with pretty much any virus infection, it gets passed on before the carrier realises they have it.

“Herpes simplex 1” is normally connected to cold sores or fever blisters that erupt around the mouth, whereas “herpes simplex 2” is generally responsible for genital herpes. However, both forms can cause the same eruptions around the mouth and down below.

Both forms are highly contagious, but it is the cold sore type I’m discussing here. (You may also have heard of “herpes zoster” which is related to the chicken pox virus.)

Also do note that oral herpes is not the same as having a canker sore or mouth ulcer. These are inside the mouth and cold sores are on the outside. Cold sores are usually situated around the mouth and often on the lips but not necessarily so.

The facial outbreaks are generally signalled some 1-2 days beforehand by a tingling sensation in the area where the blister appears.

How Does it Manifest?

I developed and outwardly displayed this virus in my early 40’s, kindly shared by a new romantic partner who was prone to them – although I didn’t know this at the time.

Interestingly, he supplemented with the amino acid arginine which is considered particularly beneficial for mature men to keep all body parts working as they should – if you get my drift. This amino seems to play an aggravating part in the reoccurrence of cold sores, as arginine is thought to be necessary in order for the herpes virus to replicate. It is present in meat, fish and dairy products, but vegetarians need to beware also, as it is plentiful in peanuts and therefore peanut butter. Of which I ate quite a lot. However, there is an antidote to the arginine effect, and an often used natural treatment for herpes, which I will come to shortly.

“Out, Damned Spot!”

As I had never had a cold sore, I did not recognise what it was and initially identified it as a spot. Being in the spot squeezing camp, I attempted to get rid of it this way. Big mistake!

I ended up with an outbreak of them all over my face, maybe 5 or 6, and still did not know what they were, as none looked like the traditional cornflake-on-your-lip cold sore. Instead, mine were more like a chicken pox rash. My face was scrutinised by my co workers and opinion was split between cold sores and impetigo.

After a week or so of no improvement and hiding behind my hair, I went to a homeopath and she was not sure what to call them either. However, the remedies she gave me did the trick, but I can’t recall what they were, so cannot pass that information on.

From that first outbreak, I became a regular cold sore sufferer, and mine rarely tingled a warning, so I couldn’t take any early steps to halt a full blown theatrical break out. Thankfully, it was confined to just one after the initial splurge, and usually took 7-10 days to disappear. That’s a long time when your face is on public view each day at work, and it does NOT look good if your particular line of work is health!

So I tried more than one natural treatment for herpes, and these are what worked for me:

Taking lysine internally: lysine is another amino acid, and yes, you guessed, the one that interferes with the arginine effect. It does this by preventing absorption of arginine.

Taking vitamin C internally: I prefer the natural approach, so suggest Goji berries. These are extremely high in natural vitamin C and a powerhouse of other nutrients. An easy way to take these is to soak a tablespoon of them in 1.5 litres of water overnight, then drink the water throughout the next day – eating the now softened berries as they pop along. It does need to be consumed in one day, as otherwise the berries will start to ferment.

The integrity of the goji berries is important. They are on sale in branded supermarkets and high street health shops, but these are very unlikely to be the ones with high nutritional benefits. Raw and organic are what you want. Makes them pricier to buy, but there is no point purchasing low grade products that will not act as a healer, is there? Unless of course you are happy with the placebo factor.

They are really good for the eyes and kidneys by the way – a lovely healthy side effect, unlike any of those provoked by drugs. Chinese herbalists have long sold them, so if you have one of these near you, ask for Gou Qi Zi.

Applying propolis tincture externally: this worked really well, but looked as bad as the cold sore, being dark and sticky and staining the area. So this is one to use at night only (and mind the pillow cases and bed sheets). Raw honey or Manuka honey can be used on their own as a remedy, and propolis could indeed be added to this to speed recovery, and the honey will lessen the staining effect. If you have an aloe vera plant, you can apply this. Definitely less obvious with it being a clear stickiness! The key is to keep applying. Every hour if possible.

I have not had a cold sore for YEARS. Hmmm… Anything to do with a raw diet I wonder? I eat a lot of coconut oil, which not so coincidentally is anti viral and anti bacterial, so add a tablespoon of this to your daily food intake. It will not make you fat! Remember, if cells are healthy and behaving as they should, a virus cannot take hold. In other words, your immune system will do its job and prevent anything undesirable.

Finally, feeling “burdened or pressurised” is connected with cold sores, so I would always advise you to look at your lifestyle and what your wonderful body is trying to tell you about it. It may speak in code, but we have the translation.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments section below.

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