Diabetes type 2 is reaching epidemic proportions. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people will have this condition by 2050. This is clearly a cause for concern, particularly as type 2 is not inherited. Rather, it is ill health caused by lifestyle choices.

Our body is always trying to exist in a state of homeostasis or balance. It is always working for us -not against us – at a cellular level. The health of each individual cell makes for a super healthy body.

Natural healer Dr. Mark Sircus explains it as follows:

“Diabetes is a fundamental disease that affects the entire colony of cells in a person because it has to do with energy metabolism and the vastly important hormone insulin and its receptor sites.”

We do not make this connection naturally as we are not taught these things, yet it is of great importance. When you know a little of how your body works, you feel connected to it and are very aware of how you treat it. Of course this includes what you put into your mouth.

How Eating Raw Can Help

The minerals potassium and magnesium are very important for those wanting relief from diabetes type 2. Both work on many levels but simply put, serve to reduce acidity and inflammation in the body.

An ill body is an inflamed body. You can see evidence of this on the outside when you have a cut that becomes infected. The area around this turns red and hot as your body homes in to heal. Now imagine this going on inside your body. Someone with diabetes type 2 is constantly in this internal state!

Raw food naturally reduces inflammation. It is 100% alkaline forming. We need an acid to alkaline balance, but the vast majority of people are living with an acidic body. When you give your body the tools it needs to repair itself, it manages this splendidly, just as nature intended.

For diabetes 2, we are looking to support the pancreas as this is the organ that regulates blood sugar balance. Drawing potassium and magnesium from food sources, is a gentle and easily absorbable way to move these minerals into your cells. Yes, your pancreas is made of cells, and cells need feeding the best nutrients to produce the optimum result. Your Body Always Works for You.

Natural Treatment For Diabetes, Case Study:

Mark approached me to aid him solely with weight loss via a raw diet. He got more than he bargained for! At the time he was a 52 year old highly stressed workaholic businessman, carrying over 55 pounds of extra Mark (25 kg). He consumed a typical Western diet including meat, sugar, carbs, coffee and alcohol. His cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels were all high, so for these he was taking medication. The excellent thing about Mark is that he wanted to change, so applied himself to this with enthusiasm, diligence and determination.

This is a key point for anyone to take on board. YOU are the most significant factor in getting yourself healthy. You have to want it. I believe however, that unless you have an immediate life threatening illness, the change over to raw should be approached gently and with enjoyment. Eating a high raw diet can be an overnight change or a gradual one. Somewhere in this spectrum is a place and pace that will suit your personality.

Mark jumped in with a diet roughly 65% raw and built up from that to 90% by the end of 2 months. After just 2 weeks of this new way of eating, his blood pressure was the lowest it had ever been. He stopped taking statins and blood pressure tablets. This was his own decision, having read all the information I supplied him with on this topic. My feeling is that we should make the decisions that affect our own body, not have someone else do that for us. We actually know our body better than anyone else, as we live in it. We sometimes just need help in interpreting its messages.

Mark lost 28 pounds in weight in 3 months. He regained his energy and zest for life and brought his lifestyle induced diabetes under control naturally. Proof is therefore in the (raw) pudding!

The Especially Helpful Foods

The idea with natural health is to eat as much fresh and raw foods as possible. Some are particularly useful for treating diabetes. Namely:

Coconut Water
Coconut Oil
Chia Seeds

All these are rich in potassium and magnesium. Magical! It is as if nature knows just what to put in!

A powerful and delicious way to start your day would be a smoothie containing the above foods, with a hefty dash of cinnamon to prevent blood sugar spikes. Good health is yummy.

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