Let me commence by saying that there is no ‘magical’ treatment for cancer in the natural health arena.

If you have cancer, you have it because of a breakdown in how your body works. Nothing will put this right overnight. But worry not. What has been shown to work is that by using natural methods, you can supply the materials for your body to heal itself. This is where the word ‘magic’ applies. We are amazing pieces of work!

There are many natural protocols that have been used with excellent rates of success, but in most cases it is a combination of treatments that aid recovery and healing.

When you read of such things as coffee enemas or using colloidal silver as natural treatment for cancer, you need to remember one thing:

Cancer does not happen overnight, it has been developing for many years in the terrain of your inner body.

Your body seeks health at all times. Cancer, like any other illness, is the body speaking to you, trying to get your attention.

This is where many are led astray. Simply using coffee enemas or consuming colloidal silver is not going to put it all right, but neither am I saying these do not have a place in an anti cancer program! Used as part of the Gerson diet for treating cancer, they have been very effective.
Each natural treatment for cancer will offer results to the degree with which it is consistently applied. And diet is always part of the recovery program.

Know Your Cancer

I don’t mean by this, the name it has been given, i.e., pancreatic or breast cancer, but what the disease actually is.

It is understood by the majority of natural healers to be a metabolic disease. What does this mean? Oh, if only we had paid more attention to chemistry at school!

You will at least be familiar with metabolism, usually linked with weight loss and the speed at which someone burns off calories.

It is, to be more scientific, a chemical process whereby the cells produce substances to generate the energy to sustain life.

So for cancer to appear, something has gone wrong in this basic process. There has been an abnormal chemical reaction that altered the normal metabolic processes.

Hold that thought whilst we look at the effects of fear on the body’s ability to heal.

The Fear Effect

Imagine cutting your finger, then applying a plaster to contain the blood and keep the wound clean. Now imagine giving it a good old poke, about every hour or so, making it bleed again. It is not going to heal well, is it?

This is how the fear that is attached to the cancer word, interferes with the process of healing.

Barbara Wren, in her book “Cellular Awakening”, has this to say:

“When a person is dry, there is a strong message of fear coming from within their own body… stress and fear drive the dehydration, and the dehydration causes stress and fear.”

The antidote to fear is reassurance and hope. Most people see this as a positive mind set, but in actuality, the body itself needs reassuring. Barbara suggests this is done by rehydrating the body at a very deep level, and allowing light to get into the cells.

If the body is in a state of dehydration, the metabolic process is disturbed. It does not act normally.

Know Your Body

Generally we view our body purely from the outside. ‘This is me: this is my face and hair, my arms and legs’. We don’t think about the millions of cells forming these body parts. Not often anyway. Yet these millions of cells receive millions of messages daily. We are electric bodies. We are fluid bodies. We are not the solid mass we see in the mirror.

Light up Your Body

Mostly, the messages sent to our cells come from the environment in which we place ourselves. Unfortunately, the majority of us live in a very unnatural state: manmade rhythms of work, in concrete blocks, surrounded by EMF all day long. Not conducive to good health!

One renowned natural treatment for cancer is the Budwig Protocol, which recognises how the body utilises light. It therefore makes sense to put as much natural plant based food in your body as you can. Simply to combat the other negative health influences assailing us daily. This is why many cancer recovery programs include vast quantities of fresh vegetable juices. Plants – which need sunlight to grow – are filled with light!

The Importance of Oxygen

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, whereas plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby remarks on the role of oxygen in negating the formation of cancer cells:

“Normal cells love oxygen but cancer cells do not – they prefer glucose (sugar).

Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research proving that cancer cells use a form of non-oxygen metabolism to survive.

Oxygen provides far less fuel for cancer cells than glucose (only 2 energy molecules instead of 36 with sugar). Therefore, filling your body with more oxygen is a smart and safe method to fight cancer”.

Do you see how important it becomes to understand the workings of our bodies?

For a body to develop cancer, it has to have consistently been in a toxic state, over stressed, oxygen deprived, with a weakened immune system. It is no more inexplicable an illness than any other.

The Role of Iodine

Dr. David Brownstein, author of 11 books on the use of Iodine, comments:

“The good thing about iodine is, iodine has apoptotic properties, meaning it can stop a cancer cell from just continually dividing, dividing, dividing, until it kills somebody. Iodine can stop this continuum wherever it catches it, and hopefully reverse it, but at least put the brakes on what’s happening.”

Journalist Lynne Farrow compiled her book “The Iodine Crisis” after finding she had breast cancer. She wondered why, if iodine works as a cure, mainstream medicine was not telling her about it. You may wonder too.

Let us note: she is still alive, well and healthy.

There is MUCH you can do naturally to heal yourself, and better still, to prevent cancer.

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