Firstly, we need to distinguish between the types of arthritis.
1) Osteoarthritis is the most common and this is classified as a degenerative disease. (This means cells weaken over time, leading to a breakdown in the proper functioning of organs. For example, if the liver and kidneys cannot cleanse toxins with efficiency, then these build up and the cycle of illness commences.)
2) Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. This is a condition where the body attacks itself. Other autoimmune diseases include Lupus and Psoriasis.
3) Simple (my term) arthritis which appears in the youngers, manifesting itself as inflamed joints with swelling and pain.
Cold and damp weather often make any arthritic symptoms worse, but unfavourable temperatures are a secondary factor, not the cause.
An interesting note to be stored in your memory: any word with ‘itis’ at the end means there is inflammation involved. An arthritic body is an inflamed body, and inflammation is your body’s response to injury OR to an overly acidic internal system.

What it the Inner Terrain?

Claude Bernard, a colleague of Louis Pasteur, insisted that the terrain was the issue with any disease, not the germ, as Pasteur declared. By this he meant that a constitutionally healthy body would ward off any threat.
At its most simple, healthy cells = a healthy body. Full stop, say no more. Yet I will, because of course your diet has a huge impact on what is going to happen within your body in terms of health or malfunction.
A standard cooked diet including meats, grains, potatoes and sugar, makes the terrain very acidic. An acidic body will present many abnormalities, although these are often talked of as normal. Is it normal to grow old? Yes, at the moment it is. It is normal to age? Not really.
A high percentage raw diet is the optimum way to treat any physical disturbance because it alkalises the body. This in turn leads to vastly reduced or completely eradicated inflammation.

Raw Results

Barely out of her 20’s, Trisha was suffering greatly from arthritis, both physically and emotionally. She was in a lot of pain, but one of the worst factors for her as a young single woman, was the need to keep her swollen knees covered up. I suggested many changes to her diet, which she stuck to rigidly.

One concoction she incorporated into her daily dietary regime as natural treatment for arthritis is apple cider vinegar and honey.
Sir Ranulph Finnes, explorer and adventurer, is quoted as saying:
“I beat my arthritis with a vinegar cure passed down from my mother” – but he is referring to taking cider vinegar with honey. Note that normal vinegar is acidic rather than alkaline forming.

The other remedy that Trisha took on my recommend is Serrapeptase. She could only afford to take it for one month but was impressed. It is indeed the most amazing little enzyme. It resolves many conditions plus whilst doing this, also acts as an effective painkiller.

Trisha got her slender knees back a few weeks later, shortly followed by a lovely man. So beware the side effects of a raw diet (and short skirts)!

Natural Foods That Help

Think green. Green leafy vegetables work great with sweet apples in juices – or incorporated into smoothies if you don’t own a juicer. There are other clever ways to eat greens in a delicious raw way. Kale crisps are one such example. These are made by dehydrating bite size pieces of kale tossed in healthy oil at 45ºC for 4 – 6 hours.

Chia seed can be soaked overnight (retaining the water) to gain the most benefit in aiding electrolyte balance in the body. This is important as when the mineral exchanges made through the cells are inhibited, acidity builds up.
Chia seed can be also be used dry ground, to make raw cakes/desserts thereby replacing conventional wheat flours.

Sweet potatoes are not of the nightshade family and are a good replacement for the usual sort. They can be consumed raw after marinating. Or as crisps just like kale.

Berries are the best fruits for this condition being less high in natural sugars

MSM (AKA organic sulphur) in powder or capsule form. Avoid tablets of any kind where possible as they often contain starchy grain based fillers.

Curcumin is a magical compound contained in turmeric – but sadly not off the shelf in your local shop. All that will do is make your food look pretty.
You need capsules or powder from a trusted organic source.

Apple Cider Vinegar containing the MOTHER (bits of brown floaters that you will see if you gently shake the bottle).

Micro Algae such as Spirulina and Chlorella either in powder or capsule form.

Serrapeptase, the unique enzyme that heals. This comes in capsules.

Foods To Avoid

The nightshade family
Potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, green/red/orange peppers. Omit these for 6 weeks and then re introduce one at a time to see if this makes any significant difference to your pain. Potatoes have no value nutritionally, so should be substituted with sweet potatoes for the rest of your life, even if you find you can tolerate them.


Cow’s milk


Wheat products and other processed carbohydrates (clue: these normally come in a packet). Purging grains of any type from your diet is beneficial in the early days.

These latter are addictive, but fear not. Once the spell is broken, it is easy to refuse them. You will come to love how you feel so much, that you won’t ever want them back.

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