Hemorrhoids or ‘piles’ as they are commonly known, were the curse of my early teenage years. Not my own, I hasten to add. However, just one person in the family with this condition can affect everyone else!

I could have drowned falling off the boat into the river near Stratford, England. It would never have happened had my poor Mum been able to come instead of being stuck at home with her piles.

I was under the care of my Dad, and I was doing exactly what I had been told not to do. And no one could rescue me as I had closed the openings with only me on the outside, locking Dad and two other people inside. Oops.

Of course I am slightly joking here, but the truth is many days out such as this could not be enjoyed by Mum. Even when she could come out to play, she had to know there were toilets there. Not easy at any outside event such as horse shows and summer fairs.

Mum’s piles bled a lot. So I assume hers were pretty serious. It was not something our house openly talked about, so I collected my information through selective listening.

She bore all this bravely, until finally one day the doctor agreed to refer her for an operation. She had this performed when I was aged 15, and I took the opportunity to get my ears pierced without permission. Reader, it worked as a plan. Post operation and in a lot of pain, she cared so little, I may even have got away with a tattoo!

Heredity Need Not Be a Factor

From then on, her life improved dramatically. I bring this tale to your attention because one would think given this hereditary background I would be in line for the same. Yet, I had 5 pregnancies with not even a whisper of one, despite this being the time they often appear.

However, when my youngest child was about 2 years old, one did surface for 2 days. It was horrid, and I do not know how on earth my Mum bore hers for all those years.

Mine did not magically disappear on its own accord. I had to help it on its way with a visit to my kinesiologist. The same lady who had sorted me out after the birth of this youngest child.

I thought at the time it was solely the combination of liver herbs she gave me, but wonder now if it was some energy balancing she did. Why do we not ask the right questions of the experts treating us? Kinesiologist Stephanie Relfe recalls this experience:

“Even before I learned kinesiology myself, I learned how super effective it can be for natural healing of hemorrhoids. The husband of a friend of mine suffered a lot from hemorrhoids. At my suggestion, he had a session with David Bridgman, my kinesiology teacher. He was quite shocked when the hemorrhoids went away after just one session! “It worked”, he told his wife and me.”

So I was obviously not alone in this rapid recovery, using kinesiology as one of the key natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

Kinesiology is an amazing way to heal your body. However, in most places it is not available free on a doctor’s recommendation, so if you are unable to afford a visit straight away, what can you do whist you are saving up? Please do not continue in pain if you suffer from them. Instead, take steps not to simply decrease the swelling externally but look to your insides.

Herbal Options

It is hard not to write about any subject of ill health without the liver coming into it. It is a crucial detoxing machine. Help your liver with milk thistle (an herb), as this will stimulate and cleanse. Master Herbalist and author, Earl Mindell, writes of milk thistle:

”… enhances overall liver function as well as stimulating the production of new cells… and rejuvenates the liver.“

This lovely striped spiky plant grows wild where I live, so I add some of the leaves to my juices. And of course it is available in capsule form from health shops.

If your budget is extremely limited, familiarize yourself with distilled witch hazel (another herb). This has amazing tonifying properties. I have used it for years under my eyes. Yes! So use this on your piles instead of pile cream under your eyes, which was the all the rage sometime not so far back.

There is also witch hazel liquid extract available from herbalists that can be taken internally, and if necessary, injected into the area.

“The properties of the leaves and bark are similar, astringent, tonic, sedative, and valuable in checking internal and external hemorrhage, most efficacious in the treatment of piles, a good pain – killer for the same, useful for bruises and inflammatory swellings, also for diarrhoea, dysentery, and mucous discharges.” M. Grieve, Botanical Herbalist.

Do follow herbalist’s instructions for this. Herbs are powerful, a little goes a long way, and they should be treated with respect.

Once you have dealt with the problem and banished the piles, keep them away with dietary and lifestyle alterations.

A green juice a day will cleanse and support your body. The cumulative effect of making these a part of your daily diet will have you zinging with life.

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