We can all have days or weeks of feeling depressed, maybe after the break–up of a relationship, or loss of a parent, or having to daily face a job we hate. Yet these are all understandable conditions of feeling down and blue.

Suffering from actual depression is not, but many wish to treat it the same way. As though it would pass if only the person just pulled themselves together, concentrated on the good things in life, and were more positive.

A better way to view it would be as a physical problem, because we would certainly not tell a person all smashed up from a car crash to pull themselves together.

Widespread yet Baffling

Full blown depression is overwhelmingly, appallingly awful for the sufferer. They often become someone other than whom they used to be, so families can feel they have lost the person they once knew.

Most depressives do have up times when all is not quite so bad. Truly though, this is no way to live life. This is coping with depression, not curing it. It is survival at best, but we are born to be happy, not simply to exist.

The Nutrition Factor

Dr Gabriel Cousens who authored the book “Depression Free for Life” which is filled with his knowledge gained from over 50 years working in natural health, says this:

“Poor nutrition contributes to what I call a ‘biologically altered brain’ in which we function at an inferior level. There are 40 million people in the US (in the year 2000) who are clinically depressed. The above conditions are all a result of a biologically altered brain which comes as a result of poor nutrition.”

Dr Cousens has had remarkable results from his approach, stating that he has treated “people who’ve been depressed for years and years, and literally within a few days of receiving AFA algae, their depression lifts. This is because the algae get to the roots of helping heal the addictive brain chemistry which is behind a lot of depression.”

So the best place to start with natural cures for depression is E3 AFA. It is not a difficult change to take this each day, but the benefits from it will be huge. The live version is in liquid form, but may not be available where you live. Happily, there is a dried version of it. This is the most superior type of AFA algae. And quality counts. I recommend it because it is the one I take, and I have done my homework! It feeds the body immediately, as it is highly absorbable at a cellular level.

If this is too costly, the alternatives are wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina or chlorella. They all are highly nutritious foods.


The marvellous mineral magnesium is another crucial component in healing from depression. A Polish study of the effects of magnesium found:

“Standard antidepressant therapies, with numerous side effects, do not meet clinical expectations in about 60% of patients.

Magnesium preparations, with their overall beneficial safety profile, seem to be a valuable addition for management of depression.

As a prevention strategy, Eby et al recommended a daily intake of 600 to 800 mg of magnesium, with the exception of ineffective magnesium oxide.”
Ewa Polesak et al

Good nutrition is always an aid to regaining health and banishing an illness, whether it is physical or mental. Of course, the two are invariably linked. However, getting a depressed person to eat a new healthy diet is problematic, and on its own, slow to take effect. By boosting the body with the immediate nutrients in AFA or by supplementing with magnesium, these natural cures for depression will gently bring the sufferer to a better emotional and mental state, and this is the time to introduce a highly nutritious daily diet.

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