I don’t do headaches with good grace. If I get one, I want it gone and NOW. I can’t wait it out, so I would be extremely tempted to reach for the generic numbing pill. However, I don’t want that drug in my body unless I’m in severe, unrelenting pain.

I do understand what it feels like to have a headache and not cope with it heroically.

What I do not understand, is why people who regularly get a headache, continue to put up with them.

Why not look to the cause, with a view to ending them for good.

A prolonged or re-occurring ache or pain is your body telling you to listen up, and give it what it wants to repair itself.

Any type of headache – ranging from the occasional stress/tension type, to full blown migraine and/or sinus related ones – will benefit from the remedies suggested here.

Think Headache: Think Hydrate

Most people are dehydrated all the time. When symptoms such as headaches come along, this is a sign of the effects of long-term dehydration. Therefore, an excellent natural cure for headache would be hydration.

So when using natural headache relievers such as lavender oil dotted on the temples or massaging tension points, the relief will be temporary if at all. Neither ever worked for me, and I really wanted them to!

This is not to imply that lavender is not wonderful. I love the scent and as a calming sleep aid it is good, but for headaches, for me, not so much.

How to Hydrate

The fact that this gets its own subheading suggests it is not as simple as grabbing a cup of tea, or a can of fizzy stuff. Yet astonishingly to me, this is still what most people think of when thirsty. Being a dweller in the world of super health, I can forget what it is like for the uninitiated.

So here are a few bite sized guidelines.

By the time you feel thirsty your body has already been in need of hydration for some time.

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sodas, flavoured waters, and ‘sports’ drinks are not the answer. These may stop the dry feeling in your mouth for a short time, but will not address the underlying issue of internal dryness!

What you drink matters. Have I labored this point enough now?

Headache Dissolving Options

If you are thinking, ‘must drink more water’, well yes this is better. It rather depends on the type, and if it has an additive such as fluoride, or comes out of a plastic bottle. Harmful toxins from these bottles leach into the water, so in time will only add to your toxic dehydrated state.

  1. The ULTIMATE natural rehydrating drink is coconut water. Remember: the reason to rehydrate is to get rid of the headache as briskly as possible. Coconut water replenishes, energises, and not only works for fast short-term relief! Unlike the aforementioned painkiller, it adds to your overall heath by adjusting electrolyte balance.Of course even this is not so simple, as the type of coconut water matters. Coconut water must be from young green or orange coconuts. (The brown ones are old and not much good for anything).Very few coconut drinks in the shops are 100% raw organic pure juice. Most are made from concentrate. Read the labels. If it includes the underlined words you may buy and consume.
  2. Himalayan salt is another excellent way to banish those headaches. Again, this is because it puts minerals back into your body. These are so desperately needed for the proper functioning of the many bio chemical reactions your body carries out 24/7.Add ¼ of a teaspoon to 32 fluid ounces of water (US) and drink at regular intervals throughout the day. Please aim for the best quality water you are able to find.
  3.  Fresh unprocessed vegetable juices, or any vegetable with high water content such as a cucumber, are natural rehydrators.Always look to vegetables as the main juice ingredient, and add fruits just to sweeten. Watermelons are of the cucumber family and are wonderfully refreshing in hot weather. I eat mine with added cinnamon to balance the effects of the natural sugars.
  4.  Air is Free. So why do we breath as though we are paying for each intake of it? In other words most of us do not regularly breathe deeply to take enough oxygen into our bodies.Often people suffering chronic ill health – and repeated headaches can be characterised as such – do not breathe consciously, deeply.A body short on oxygen will not cleanse debris from the cells, and this leads to aches and pains.

Truly it does not really matter where the pain manifests itself, either as a ‘simple’ headache or in more severe disease conditions. The answer is the same. Oxygenate. Hydrate. Cleanse.

Your headache could actually be in your colon. Yes, honestly!

I have undergone a colon cleanse twice using a herbal program. I now keep it clean by using food grade diatomaceous earth each day. I don’t get headaches any more. I don’t get colds, flu, bloating or indigestion either. It feels good. You too can banish the headaches forever.

Start with any of the suggestions above and feel your body respond. Remember, good health is your birthright.

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