The duration of menopause varies woman to woman as much as the timing of its start. According to one menopause website, there are 36 symptoms of menopause, and 66 for perimenopause (the body’s natural transition period into permanent infertility). Personally, I had moderate to mild hot flushes (no night sweats) and my skin became less elastic. This is the sum total, which I think speaks volumes for the effectiveness of my diet.

The herbal or plant supplements I list here will enable you to feel better and ward off severe menopausal symptoms. However, a holistic approach is always needed to optimize health and vitality, so my emphatic advice is EAT RAW! For me, making the change to raw happened coincidentally as menopausal symptoms started.

Having experienced anxiety type adrenal rushes at various points in my life, when these started happening again I did not imagine them to be hot flushes. I was only 48 and in my head I thought I would not start menopause until I was in my mid fifties.

My life situation at this time was emotionally difficult for reasons various, so it is only retrospectively I realised this was the start of menopause. Yet it was also the end of menopause inasmuch as this was the only symptom I had to endure.

I noticed how they were more likely to occur if I ate carob, so I cut that out. When you eat a raw diet, you naturally become much more in tune with your body.

Menopause is a time of change, a life passage that can be one of empowerment. As such, we need to approach it with vastly differing attitudes than conventional thinking and treatments.

Remake You by Remaking your Diet

Your diet using the food pyramid (as explained on my raw vegan diet post) is the place to really ring the changes. Make it as raw as possible. It is fun, trust me!

Now comes a time of life that can be miserable or enjoyable – the choice is yours. You choose what to put in your mouth. Also, no doubt, you do the shopping for the house, so make your shopping count. More fresh ingredients. Less – if any – flesh (fish, fowl or otherwise). No fast foods, no bang in the microwave foods, NONE! Instead, plenty of simple foods, juices, smoothies (non-milk ones), salads… get creative. It is perfectly possible to make an amazing raw curry for instance.

The beauty of eating a raw diet is that if you swap over from standard foods, you will be able to eat just as much and lose weight. You will feel satisfied after meals but not bloated or too full.

Menopause Natural Remedies – Love Your Liver with Schizandra

The liver has a massive workload when the hormones swing madly about, so this is one organ it is particularly important to support and/or cleanse during menopause:

“The liver is attempting to deal with the transition that the woman’s body is going through as well as with the onslaught of hormones. Sometimes it does not function optimally as a result. Women can become overly sensitive to foods and chemicals at this time because of these imbalances. According to Dr. Carolyn DeMarco, an under-functioning liver along with a poorly functioning digestive system can exacerbate menopause symptoms. Proper bowel function and proper digestion are also necessary.” (

To support and aid the liver in detoxifying, the Chinese herb Schizandra is excellent. It has just recently been glorified as the top herb by Elwin Robinson, master herbalist. I have been using it for years on and off, and love it because it tastes good – always a plus. It comes as berries that can be brewed into a tea, or in tincture form, which is the superior way to take it.

Adaptogenic Maca

Adaptogenic Maca – this wonderful little root is popping up everywhere now. But it has been a main ingredient in raw recipes for well over a decade. Here is why to use Maca, and once again, this is a good tasting supplement. As it is in powder form, it can be added to smoothies or raw chocolates.

“With regular use, Maca will improve or eliminate hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, low energy, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, and low sex drive.

Women who suffer from brain fog will be thrilled to know that it brings mental clarity. It also helps to reduce the negative effects of stress, and helps overcome depression.

Many athletes take Maca because it boosts energy and endurance levels. Looking to lose weight at menopause? Taking Maca root will keep your appetite satisfied and help your body produce dopamine to keep you feeling happy and energized. Maca contributes to significant bone rebuilding and bone density improvement.

Some people notice Maca’s beneficial effects within 2 weeks, others might take up to 3 months. To increase its effectiveness over time, herbalists recommend using any herb for one or two months at a time, then take a week off, then start another cycle of one or two months.” (Wendy Vineyard, menopause coach)

An adaptogenic herb will adapt to the person who takes it. For example, if you have low blood pressure it will raise it, and conversely it will lower high blood pressure. An adaptogenic will harmonize and balance, to create the optimum conditions in the body.

Amazing AFA

Menopause natural remedies also include AFA (full name: aphanizomenon flos–aquae). It is a type of algae and the foremost food supplement to take for ANY health change, physical or mental. Why? Because it is a complete nutritious food, which will nourish all parts of your cells. It has the EFA’s (essential fatty acids) so necessary for a positive effect on hormone regulation and support.

AFA is assimilated by the body rapidly and easily. It is best taken as a live liquid, but failing that as a raw powder. It can be disguised in juices (as it is an algae, they do not taste good, but it is SO worth ingesting this).

Having worked in the health arena for many years, I have heard myriad concerns and complaints about feeling dreadful during menopause. I am living proof that a raw diet and these 3 menopause natural remedies work. Apply yourself to looking after yourself and be consistent in following through. You are setting the basis for the rest of your life. Make it a sound one.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comments section below and I will answer them promptly.

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