Hemorrhoid Natural Treatment Strategies for All Situations

As a young girl of around ten years old, I hated going to the bathroom. It wasn’t that there were bullies in the bathrooms at school or anything of that sort, it was more that I was anxious about bowel […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Detoxing

Yet another day dawns and here you are feeling sluggish, apathetic, not functioning at your potential and sleeping badly. You decide you are in need of a DETOX to get you up and back in the game again. Of course, […]

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Natural Remedies

When my father was 60 years old, I was surprised to notice early symptoms of dementia during a family weekend get-together. He’d ask Mom a question and then, fifteen minutes later, ask the same question again. This kind of forgetfulness […]

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Eating Raw Food

The concept of eating a raw diet first came to my attention in 1996. It was quite a shock to read, that to gain the benefits the book was so gaily suggesting I would have to alter my diet massively […]

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Migraine Natural Remedies That Can Banish the Pain for Good!

About two years ago, I started getting nasty headaches. I had gotten headaches before, but they were usually associated with food poisoning or the flu. These were different. I usually felt a little dizzy and my vision got slightly blurry, […]

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