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Michele Austin grew up in the frozen expanses of Wisconsin USA, and relocated to sunny Florida in early adulthood to escape the winter blues. Grasping the hypocrisy and dangers of western medicine from a young age, she has practiced natural wellness for 35+ years. Ms. Austin authored the book "They Lie and We Pay (With Our Lives)”. Nicknamed 'Dr. Michele' by family and friends, Ms. Austin generously dispenses knowledge regarding naturopathic medicine and has facilitated many cures. Her passion is world travel (25 countries & counting), with an eventual goal of becoming a homeless wanderer. Ms. Austin is an Ultimate Killer Sudoku freak and an avid ballroom dancer. She is easily distracted from worthwhile projects by the call of karaoke.

Gesundheit! (Natural Remedies for Allergies)

Thirteen years ago on a perfect spring day prearranged for errand-running, I sneezed half a dozen times consecutively. “That was fun,” I observed while climbing into my Buick. A few minutes later it happened again. And again. Soon my eyes […]

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Battling Microscopic Bugs – Natural Remedies for Infection

When I was a brand new mom eons ago, I bravely brought my 9-month old daughter shopping. While trying on items in a changing room, I noticed her chewing something. Upon reaching into her mouth to retrieve it, I pulled […]

By | April 21st, 2016|Categories: Physical Conditions, Vitamins and Supplements|Tags: , |

A Thyroid’s Near Death Experience (Underactive Thyroid Natural Remedies)

After several decades of stellar health attributed to cautious food consumption, supplementation, and adequate physical activity, an overabundance of foreign events were suddenly occurring within my anatomy thirteen years ago. Though undesirable, none alarmed me. Urgency was equivalent to the […]

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Helping hypertension with high blood pressure supplements

A difference of opinion over treating high blood pressure caused a rare rift between Hubby and me last year.

Awareness that hypertension is a ‘silent killer’ is mainstream now, courtesy of TV ads. We’re intensely aware of the fact that strokes […]

By | April 10th, 2016|Categories: Physical Conditions, Vitamins and Supplements|Tags: , |

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis – Who Said Psoriasis Is Incurable?

My first thought was, “I’m dying of cancer!” after I awoke to find my body covered with red blotches, out of nowhere! I wasn’t a sickly individual. My only childhood malady was poison ivy allergies. So, at the impressionable age […]

By | April 6th, 2016|Categories: Physical Conditions, Vitamins and Supplements|Tags: |
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