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Julie is a homeschooling mom of four and just graduated her oldest. In her spare time, she is a master herbalist, amateur gardener, singer, and writer. She is passionate about healthy living, having seen the benefits in her own life and in members of her family. She is the author of two books, "Purpose of Plants: A Guided Study for Adults and Teens" and a homeschooling book entitled, "Finding Joy: A Christian's Journey to an Unschooled Life."

What Is GAPS Diet Compared to the Paleo Diet?

When I first heard of GAPS diet, I thought, “Oh no, not another special restrictive diet.” But then I read that GAPS was an acronym for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and that it can be used to heal learning disorders, […]

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Natural Cures for Diarrhea that Will Keep Your Body Running Smoothly

When my younger daughter was about five years old, she kept complaining of stomach aches that weren’t associated with restaurant visits nor were they due to illness. In fact, she was hardly ever sick other than those stomach aches. I […]

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Elimination Diet Food List for Those With Allergies to Everything

When I was a girl, I would get unexplained rashes, bouts of lethargy, intestinal cramping and constipation, brain fog, and seasonal allergies that got worse every year. My symptoms continued through my teenage years and into college. I didn’t know […]

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From the Beach to the Bedside – Homemade Bacterial Infection Treatment

A few years ago, I had a scrape on my foot that kept re-opening. I went to the beach and I wanted to go in the water, so I taped a bag over my foot. Well, the tape got loose […]

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See if These Herbs for Inflammation Help You Feel Better

Inflammation has long been a regular companion of mine from the time I was a teenager. As a teen, I suffered from regular severe seasonal allergies, intestinal and menstrual cramping, brain fog, and other ailments that are a result of […]

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Effective Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

When my oldest son was born, the nurse-midwife made me take intravenous antibiotics because I had tested positive for a strain of bacteria that could pose a risk of infection to my son. Of course, within a couple of weeks […]

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Herbal Remedies for Menopause Worth Trying

As a woman in her mid-forties, I am very interested in what to expect as I approach menopause. I cannot ask my mother or grandmothers for advice or stories though. Only one of my grandmothers is still living and she […]

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Migraine Natural Remedies That Can Banish the Pain for Good!

About two years ago, I started getting nasty headaches. I had gotten headaches before, but they were usually associated with food poisoning or the flu. These were different. I usually felt a little dizzy and my vision got slightly blurry, […]

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Sinus Infection Natural Remedies That Really Help

We don’t have sinus infections too often in my home, but occasionally a cold gets worse and does become a sinus infection. This especially happens when either the cold is ignored or the cold symptoms are suppressed. Recently, my husband […]

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Hope for Severe Suffering – With Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment

Last year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had gradually been experiencing pain in new areas of my body over several years and it had gotten to a point that I decided I needed a formal diagnosis. One of the […]

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