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Following a childhood spent avoiding beetroot juices but quite liking her mandatory daily salad, Helen spectacularly deviated from this background for 20 years or more. Having finally seen sense and overcome the need to contradict her mother, the last 20 years have been very different. Helen discovered the rejuvenating benefits of good nutrition and living a healthy life. This culminated 8 years ago by her switching to a high raw diet. Helen is passionate about aiding others to achieve happiness through health. Most of all she believes in a gentle approach. No boot camps here!

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby – Essential Pregnancy Supplements

The first 3 months of my first pregnancy were spent examining the plug holes of various sinks and toilets. I vomited all the time to the point of wondering why I bothered eating, as no sooner was it in me, […]

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My Top Five Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

Whether you are a teenager, a menopausal woman or anywhere in between, if you have overactive hormones and malfunctioning sebaceous glands, the natural world has help at hand to rid you of the scarring.

One of the rules of thumb I […]

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Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia Depends on Proper Diagnosis

I have a penfriend who has suffered with this condition for many years and has kindly given her input as to the difficulties in getting the thing diagnosed in the first place. This is half the problem, as Dr David […]

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Gummy Eyes: Conjunctivitis Natural Remedy

You may like to keep a pin by the side of your bed if you repeatedly get conjunctivitis, as it is a little annoying, to say the least, when you wake up unable to open your eyes, and the thought […]

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Natural Cures for Anxiety

Until I experienced a panic attack I had always imagined them to be a case of someone in a deep state of fear from a phobia of being in enclosed places for instance, and shouting hysterically to be let out […]

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Quieting the Mind – Alternative Treatments for ADHD

I need to make it clear from the outset in regard to this and my other article on the topic of ADHD, that I am not suggesting ADHD is a non-existent condition. What I do believe is that it […]

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If You Can’t Sleep, Try These Herbs for Insomnia

“Insomnia is a kind of torture, because while the world is fast asleep, you’re up all alone, your mind buzzing with every random thought in the universe, and sometimes the thoughts will reach a standstill, and your mind goes blank, […]

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“Knees Bend, Arms up, Ra Ra Ra” – Natural Remedies for Knee Pain

Is the knee bend part of the hokey cokey impossible for you? Is reaching anything off a bottom shelf in a shop tricky? Have you found yourself bent down in the kitchen and had to lift yourself up using the […]

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Natural Treatment for Herpes That Many Have Successfully Used

Some 60-90% of us carry the “herpes simplex” virus, but once you have picked it up, most probably in childhood, it can lie dormant for years. The problem is, as with pretty much any virus infection, it gets passed on […]

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Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or ‘piles’ as they are commonly known, were the curse of my early teenage years. Not my own, I hasten to add. However, just one person in the family with this condition can affect everyone else!

I could have drowned […]

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